Make a Path Through Phobias and Anxiety

Lynn Lambert specializes in the treatment of phobias and anxiety using a combination of therapies, including counseling, hypnotherapy, and EMDR. Anxiety works against us to prevent us from achieving our most important goals by feeding us a constant cycle of negative self-talk. When we are caught up inside of it, it is extremely difficult to find perspective and this is where speaking with an experienced professional can help you to regain control.

Lynn's services are covered by many health benefits plans; check with your provider to determine the coverage for working with a registered professional therapist or counselor.

The following testimonial shows just how this change can have real impact on how an individual enjoys his or her life:

Calm. Confident. Positive. Overcome your fears.

Calm. Confident. Positive. Overcome your fears.

Hi Lynn,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!
March 31 was the day we departed, I was a bit anxious while packing so I stopped and did the hypnosis tape. We continued with driving to the airport, checking in, clearing customs and waiting at the gate and finally boarding.
I was calm from head to toe. I had no feeling of being anxious or my stomach turning. While we were flying I would check myself and still calm with the words CALM CONFIDENT POSITIVE always on my mind. While in Maui I was able to totally relax and not worry about anything. It was so nice to let go of everything.
The trip back was the same as going very relaxing. I was totally amazed. Thank you very everything. I’m so blessed for all you have done for me. — Lori

It is natural to be skeptical that hypnosis could work for you. When we are caught in patterns of distorted thinking, our mind is in the habit of rejecting those very things that could help us the most. 

Upon meeting Lynn she put me right at ease. I have tried many things to try to control my blushing, and hypnosis seemed to be the last resort. I was a bit skeptical to see how well it would work, but it was very effective! Lynn helped me connect with the root of why I blushed so easily, she gave me confidence, and tools to calm my anxiety. Working in the medical profession it was important for me to appear calm and confident, even in moments where I would feel flustered. Before this used to appear all over my face, neck and chest in the form of red patchy flushes. I can now control these flushes, and haven't noticed them since I have worked with Lynn. Thank you!

—Michelle H*****

You treated me with hypnosis because I was going to be flying to Europe. It was very strange... the treatment did work. I didn’t expect it to really. I didn’t see how it could and all the time I was aware I should be frightened and yet I wasn’t! Thank you very much indeed! — Patricia B.

Regain Control

Call Lynn at (403) 237-9045 to book an appointment or visit her Contact page to find out more. Lynn's services are covered by many health benefits plans; check with your provider to determine the coverage for working with a professional therapist or counselor. Individual therapy, hypnosis, and EMDR sessions are $200/hour.

You can find out more about hypnotherapy by reading Lynn's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis and about the success of EMDR in Frequently Asked Questions about EMDR